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Time4Change of NC provides the following programs for survivors of sexual abuse/assault and domestic violence. All services are confidential and free of charge.

                  Isaiah 40:31


SOAR is dedicated to providing healing and support to women survivors of sexual abuse/assault or domestic violence.  Our program incorporates a variety of activities and tools that focus on a holistic approach to overcoming the past.  This journey combines unique group sessions, along with self-help techniques that will allow individuals to reflect on their past abuse/trauma and be guided along on a journey that focuses on healing and wholeness. This journey also includes support sessions for family members of survivors.

Rebuilding Life After a Traumatic Experience (ReLATE)


ReLATE is a program that focuses on rebuilding life after one has experienced a traumatic event.  This program consists of several workshops and activities to help individuals rebuild confidence and self-esteem, life skills, financial independence, and healthy relationships.

  • Financial Literacy Empowerment Education (FLEE)​​

  • Building Healthy Relationships 101​​

  • Healthy Living

  • Life Skills

  • Family Matters (Survivor Support)

  • Breaking Addictions

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Students Against Sexual Abuse & Assault (SASA)


SASA offers educational programs to schools and other community groups to encourage healthy relationships, build self-esteem, create a safe environment, and promote sexual abuse awareness information to youth ages 13-18.

Other Services

  • Community Education and Outreach

  • On-going survivor support Workshops/Sessions


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