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About Us

Time4Change of NC was founded in April, 2012. Founder and sexual abuse advocate, Loresha Phillips, has turned her lifelong passion and vision to help survivors of sexual abuse and assault into a reality. Loresha, who’s a survivor herself was sexually abused at the age of 7 and continued to be abused for several years. After years of sexual abuse, she went through counseling, however, because of the damage she suffered, she needed more. She found there was a lack of adequate resources and ongoing support for victims of sexual abuse. Loresha determined that when the opportunity presented itself, she would become an advocate for sexual abuse victims.

She graduated from high school and went on to college and received a BS degree in Business Management and a MS in Adult Education. She married at a young age of 21 hoping to escape the demons of her past, however, she soon was divorced by age 28. The effects of the past abuse continued to negatively impact her life. There were dark areas in her life that seemed too difficult to triumph over.

After tumultuous relationships, heartbreaks, and hardships, she met Robert Phillips IV, Co-Founder of Time4Change, who supported her in a way that she’d never experienced. Robert had a pretty normal childhood, raised by his grandparents and grew up in a nourishing and loving environment. When the two began dating, it was a very challenging journey. Robert sought to understand the trauma that had happened to Loresha and when he came to know her, his primary goal was to help her through this difficult time in her life. After 3 long years of tears, pain, tough love, and patience, they were married.

With the love and support of her husband, hope and healing began to be restored. They soon realized that they were put together for a purpose and that purpose was for “Change”. Today they work together bringing hope and restoration back into the lives of many individuals who’ve been sexually abused or assaulted. Robert and Loresha hope to be a voice for the voiceless victims who suffer in silence but are crying out to be heard.

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